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Nablus in Need

Dundee-Nablus Twinning Association (DNTA) is responding to the current economic crisis in Nablus by sending donations to help some specific projects. We are working in conjunction with FONSA‘s Nablus in Need appeal.

DNTA is providing funds to support three groups in Nablus:

  • Project Hope is struggling because it has to pay for accommodation for international volunteers. They are currently unable to travel to Nablus.
  • New Askar kindergarten whose finances have been hit. Some international funding has been withdrawn and there is a general economic crisis within Nablus
  • Food coupons for the hungry – many people in Nablus have lost their jobs and income. This is because of the severe downturn in economic activity in Nablus.

DNTA itself provided £450 which was supplemented by £400 from DNTA members. With gift aid, this brings the total contribution to almost £1,000. FONSA has already sent over £3,000.

If you would like to contribute please donate here.