About us

We are an active, membership-based organisation. We are run by a committee which is elected each year by our membership.

Originally established by Dundee City Council, we work in partnership with the Lord Provost of Dundee who is responsible for maintaining the twinning relationships.

We organise regular meetings, usually by Zoom but also in-person meetings

We send a monthly newsletter to keep members and friends informed about our events and news.

Part of our remit is to promote understanding of Nablus and its people. So we visit schools, organise talks and spread awareness through leaflets.

We maintain our relationship with Dundee City Council through meetings with the Lord Provost, Council Leaders and Councillors. They have been very helpful in supporting our work.

Group of young musicians

We facilitate visits to Nablus for people from Dundee. We bring people from Nablus to meet the people of Dundee.

Join us!

We encourage membership. It is easy to join – please see our membership page.