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We encourage you to join the Dundee-Nablus Twinning Association. Membership is open to anyone who shares our aims (you don’t have to live in Dundee to join).

I wish to join the Dundee-Nablus Twinning Association (DNTA):

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It is easiest for all of us if you can pay by setting up an annual payment through your online banking system. Then you remain in full control and your membership continues until you choose to cancel it.

Our account at Co-operative Bank plc:
  Account type: Business Account
  Account name: Dundee Nablus Twinning Association
  Account number: 65435270
  Sort code: 08-92-99

If you wish to pay by cheque or cash our Membership Secretary will send you the contact details after we receive this application from you.

Membership does not start until payment is received.