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I’m Leia Acosta, a passionate photographer who finds inspiration in capturing the fleeting beauty of life.

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Veganuary is not just about the month-long pledge; the aim is to inspire people to go vegan in January “and beyond”. Nina Tuemmers, 41, from Kempen in Germany, did Veganuary in 2020 and stayed vegan. During the Covid lockdown soon afterwards, she realised how unhappy she was in her job as a manager in the energy sector. “I knew that I wasn’t in the right place,” she says. “So the process began: what is the right place? What is my passion? One day it was clear: my passion is everything that has to do with vegan food.” She quit her job, retrained as a plant-based food coach, and opened a vegan cafe, Greens Cafe/Deli, in June 2022. “Since then, I have been living my dream,” she says.

  • Convener's Report 2024

    DNTA Convener’s Report 2024

    Our Convener, Mary McGregor, reports on a busy year for DNTA and yet another difficult year for the people of Nablus.

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  • City buildings with clouds

    Nablus in Need

    Dundee-Nablus Twinning Association (DNTA) is responding to the current economic crisis in Nablus by sending donations to help some specific projects. We are working in conjunction with FONSA‘s Nablus in […]

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  • Two women staring at the landscae

    Double film success

  • DNTA News February 2024

  • Nablus university attacked
  • Event: Arts Workers for Palestine (AW4P)