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Nablus Musicians in Dundee

November 2011

Musicians standing at end of concert
The musicians being thanked for their performance in the Steps Theatre, Dundee. 22nd November 2011

In November DNTA was proud to host members of the Music Department at An-Najah National University in Nablus. They performed in concert at the Steps Theatre (Wellgate Centre), at Craigie High School and for at Abertay University for Dundee students. They played a number of traditional pieces from Nablus, Palestine and other Arabic countries.

Short sample of Concert

The highlight was a concert of traditional Palestinan and Arabic music in the Steps Theatre. Hassan Aldraidi is a talented player of the oud and is also trying new techniques to build modern versions of the oud in his workshop at the Universty.

Ammar Qadami is head of the Music Department and together with Rami Arafat was playing keyboard. Nasser Asmar sang and played the flute; when persuaded, he also demonstrated traditional dabke dancing.

In addition to the concert the musicians visited Craigie High School. Another day they gave a concert at Abertay University to which students from both of Dundee's two universities were invited.

They were accompanied by an interesting exhibition of Art and Ceramics from An Najah National University which was on display during their Steps Theatre concert.

This was a most successful visit which was both entertaining and educational. Everyone enjoyed the concerts and the musicians were equally impressed by their welcome from Dundonians.

The four musicians visited Dundee and London to raise funds for the University. The party was led by our friend Nehad Khanfar.

The visit was sponsored by two charities who work for Nablus. FONSA (Friends of Nablus and Surrounding Areas) and FAN (Friends of An-Najah University).