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DNTA Films

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Dundee and Nablus have been twinned for over 30 years. The Dundee-Nablus Twinning Association (DNTA) works to build friendship and understanding between the people of the two cities.

We wanted to make a film which would help the people of Dundee to meet people from Nablus and to understand what life is like for them.

We invited various young and older people in Nablus to tell us what they wanted to say. For speakers without English we asked a local person to prompt them. Translating this into English was a significant job and we appreciate the efforts of all those involved.

Most of all we wish to thank Joanna Helfer and Jessica Ramm who went over to Palestine to make the film and especially to Jo who then spent a lot of time editing and finishing the film.

Nablus - our Twin City (20 mins)

This film follows the stories of people living in Nablus, asking them about daily life, struggles, celebrations and culture. Filmed during the olive harvest, the film depicts the importance of this season for Palestinians and the struggles they often face to bring this valuable harvest home.

Featuring contributions from refugee children, the city's mayor, Ghassan Shaka'a, the Nablus Fire Department and many others, the film gathers a snapshot of what life is like for Dundee's twin City.

Nablus - our Twin City

Nablus - our Twin City (Schools edition) (11 mins)

This film highlights what life is like for children and young people growing up in Nablus. Made in partnership with Craigie High School, Dundee, it depicts the similarities and differences between Dundee and Nablus and demonstrates the important work the Modern Studies Department does in raising awareness, fundraising and building friendship and understanding between the two cultures.

Nablus - our Twin City (Schools Edition)

Dundee - our Twin City (7 mins)

In 2010 two young Palestinians, Rami Issa and Rafiq Zein Eddin, visited Dundee to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the twinning.

This is a short film about their visit, depicting their impressions of their twin city. Rami and Rafiq explore Dundee and their own culture, commenting on the historic and contemporary ties between Scotland and Palestine.

Dundee - our Twin City

Premiere Screening on Tue 19th November 2013

The films were premiered in the Hannah Maclure Centre (part of the University of Abertay Dundee) to an audience of 70.

Copies are also available on DVD.

Film Highlights

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Dundee has been twinned with Nablus for over 30 years. The Dundee-Nablus Twinning Association works to foster friendship and understanding between the people of the two cities. Our new film brings alive the people of Nablus. We asked young and old in Nablus to tell us something about themselves and what they wanted to say to the people of Dundee.

Come and visit us

Arabic hospitality is well known and Nablus is no exception. You would be made welcome there.

Everyone told us how keen they are to offer a warm welcome. Many told us that they would really like to visit Dundee.

Mayor of Nablus sends greetings

Mayor of Nablus Ghassan Shaka'a

Mayor Ghassan Shaka'a

The Mayor of Nablus, Ghassan Shaka’a tells us how much he values twinning with Dundee. He particularly appreciates Dundee being the first city to twin with Nablus.

His predecessor, Adli Yaish, explains the meaning of the Arabic word Ta’arafe and describes how the planting of olive trees has a dual role; not only is it important for the economic future of Palestine but he intends it to bring hope to the children of Nablus.

Dundee-Nablus Schools Twinning Project

Teacher in class at a Nablus boys' school

Classroom in a Nablus Boys School

Twinning is about bringing people together. Twinning is about bringing people together. We are establishing links between schools so that the pupils can share their experiences and keep alive the ideals of twinning because friendship beats conflict.

We will raise money for the equipment our Nablus school partners need for video and web links. And for teachers to visit each other.

To contribute and for more details please see our schools twinning page.


Fire fighter standing in front of photos

Shams Abu-Ghazaleh

Shams Abu-Ghazaleh, from the Nablus Fire Department says that fire-fighters throughout the world are one family who share a common enemy—fire. He made many friends in Dundee when he came to Scotland for specialist training arranged by the Fire Brigades Union.

Making the films

Filming at sunset

Panorama of Nablus at Sama Nablus (park)

Filming at sunset

Capturing the beautiful sunset over Nablus - Mount Gerizim

Two boys standing, smiling, during filming

Filming in the Italian Gardens