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An impressive discussion with Nick Bilbrough who founded the Hands Up Project. We were joined by other members of the project:
Ghada Hamdan: Teacher, Nablus
Rinan Jamal: Teacher, Nablus
Raja'a Abu Jasser: Co-ordinator, Gaza

Through its network of volunteers, this charity trust connects children around the world with young people in Palestine.

Using online interaction, drama and storytelling activities, it enables the use of creativity and self-expression to promote mutual understanding, personal growth, and the development of English language skills.

Nick describes the project and shows us a short play written by children in the Askar Refugee Camp (in Nablus). The teachers discuss the involvement and impact the children they work with. Raja'a explains her co-ordination role.

The Hands Up Story

In 2016, Nick Bilbrough started doing storytelling in schools in Palestine, both Gaza and the occupied West Bank. The kids loved it, and apart from practising their English, it offered a powerful way to make connections with the rest of the world in a country where freedom of movement is severely limited and feelings of isolation common.

And the kids were so engaged that they started telling stories too…

Winning a British Council ELTon award

This year, the project won the British Council (ELTon) award for local innovation in English Language Teaching.

“Storytelling gives kids wings to fly by their hearts and their minds to tell their story and celebrate their glory. It is where those kids belong now and where they want to be in the future”- Haneen Khaled

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