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Using zoom

Video conferencing enables us to hold meetings when people are at home and to have speakers from Nablus and beyond. We are currently using zoom technology.

Most people find zoom easy to use and there is plenty of help and advice online to support you in using it. If you have not tried it already you can download and use it for free. It works on most devices (PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, Android phones, tablets etc.).

Zoom meeting registration

Our meetings will usually require prior registration - this helps us to avoid unwanted strangers. We don't mind if you register and then are not able to join us; registration is straightforward and free.

We will publish registration links for our meetings when we advertise the meeting.

After registering you will get an email giving you the information you need to join the meeting.

Zoom meeting familiarisation and etiquette

If you have not used zoom before you can try it for free and test it with a friend. This will help you to become familiar with using the camera, sound, screen layout and the way it all works together.

Our meetings will having many people online at once so it requires new skills. If your microphone is left on it can introduce unwanted sounds to the meeting (such as dogs barking, doorbells ringing). We also need to avoid people speaking at the same time. Please follow these guidelines:

Joining the meeting

To join the meeting, please use the information contained in the email you receive after you have registered for the meeting.

Please be on time to avoid disrupting the meeting. It will be open 5 mins before the advertised start time and will formally start no later than 5 minutes after the start time.

Muting your microphone

After being welcomed you may say hello (not after the meeting has started). You should then immediately mute your microphone (help with muting) (unless invited to speak by the host)

Asking questions during the meeting

Please use the chat facility (help with chat) to type in any questions you want to ask the speaker. The host will select questions.

Join us

If you share our objectives we would love to have you as a member.

Contact our Membership Secretary
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Friendship and Understanding

We promote friendship and understanding between the people of Nablus and the people of Dundee.

Young people from Dundee and Nablus
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Friends of Nablus and Surrounding Areas

A Scottish charity which supports Palestinians in and around Nablus.



We provide speakers for local community groups. Several topics and formats available.

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