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Embroidery - Dundee and Nablus

This embroidery was created by DNTA member Alister Rutherford to explore symbols linking Dundee and Nablus.



Alister explained how each of the elements in the panel were developed from traditional and symbolic roots.


The major element is a key. This symbol is used by Palestinians who were displaced by the establishment of Israel way back in 1948-49. These families, forced from their homes, are still refugees and have never given up their right to return. So each family has a key to remind them - and the rest of us - about their lost homes.

This key can also represent Nablus, because there are about 65,00 refugees there in three refugee camps (Balata - 30,000, Askar - 30,000 and Camp number 1 - 5,000).


The pattern in the centre is the lily, which is quite appropriate as the lily is also the emblem of Dundee.


The design at the top of the panel is a variation of the moon pattern.


The design at the bottom of the panel represents candlesticks.

Both the moon and candlesticks can be thought of as images of light and hope.

Alister is a skilled embroiderer and has contributed to several projects including the Dundee: Jute, Journalism panel of the Great Tapestry of Scotland. Alister visited Nablus in 2012 and encourages others to visit Dundee's twin city.

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