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Convener's Report 2015

The main focus of the Dundee-Nablus Twinning Association is to promote friendship and understanding between the people of Dundee and the people of Nablus. We have been working well on both counts in the past year.

Having a street named in honour of our twinning has been agreed and implemented by Dundee City Council. Nablus Avenue is a link road between the Ninewells hospital site and the technology park. Currently used by buses but with strong expectations of development. It was Ryan Swan from the University's Action Palestine group who got this going by proposing to rename a street within the University campus. Although that was turned down, it prompted the Council to find an alternative and erect the signs. Councillor John Alexander was very helpful in ensuring that this reached its conclusion. We are very pleased that this has reached a conclusion.

Our embroidery course started with an idea from Alister Rutherford, our Secretary. A short course held in the Central Library focussed on traditional Palestinian embroidery techniques and patterns. This also enabled participants to hear about the lives of people in Nablus.

The "Olive Trees in Dundee" festival celebrating Palestinian literature (in English) had similar origins and objectives. Through a mixture of poetry, prose, creative writing and story-telling it gave a focus to the rich pool of Palestinian writing and stories. Five successful events were held with the promise of another to come as part of the annual Literary Dundee event.

Our souq at Bonar Hall in November celebrated the 34th anniversary of the twinning, provided information about our activities and raised money for our schools twinning project.

After some difficulties, we have two schools in Nablus keen to twin with schools in Dundee with one of them now established with a partner here. We will offer what support we can, particularly to facilitate the contact either through technology, translation or travel.

We haven't had a formal visit to or from Nablus in the past year but several members have been there and we have organised an accompanied visit for the coming October in which three members are participating. Two committee members went to Stavanger to see the opening of an amazing exhibition "Nablus - an occupied city" at the city's museum. Stavanger is also twinned with Nablus and the exhibition brought Nablus alive by re-creating shops and streets in the Old City of Nablus through an artful mixture of real items and photographs. iPads offering short contributions by many people of Nablus let them speak for themselves about life in Nablus today. We have been seeking a venue to bring this to Dundee but so far without success.

As usual it is impossible to thank all those who ensured that everything worked smoothly. The committee members were the heart of all our activities and I am very grateful for all their efforts. I would particularly like to thank Katherine Mochan who stepped in as Treasurer when we had a desperate need two years ago. I understand that Nick Marra and Forence Germain will also be leaving the committee. I regret their departure but I give them heartfelt thanks for the work they have done and hope that they will remain engaged with our activities.

Mike Whitehead
June 2015

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Friendship and Understanding

We promote friendship and understanding between the people of Nablus and the people of Dundee.

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