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Nablus Avenue - Feb 2015

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DNTA and Action Palestine celebrate the new sign 20th Feb 2015

We welcome Dundee City Council's decision to name a street in recognition of the historic links between Dundee and Nablus.

Members of Dundee-Nablus Twinning Association were delighted to be present at the unveiling of the street sign for Nablus Avenue in Dundee's technology park.

Street sign

The Association welcomes the decision of Dundee City Council to recognize in this manner the historic twinning of Dundee with Nablus in Palestine 35 years ago in November. Convener of the Association, Mike Whitehead said "Nablus Avenue will be a permanent symbol of the connections between people in Dundee and those in Nablus".

The Twinning Association encourages links with Nablus and is running projects in embroidery, literature, music and youth dialogue through schools.

The new signs were unveiled on Friday 20th Feb 2015.

Nablus Avenue lies between Tom McDonald Avenue in the medi-park and Mariner Drive in the technology park

Councillors approved the name on Monday 25th November 2013

Street sign

DNTA had been keen to see a Nablus street but it was when Ryan Swan of Action Palestine (a student society at the University of Dundee) who initiated the process. He made a formal request to rename an existing street that things started to happen. The Council proposed and agreed the previously unnamed link road as a suitable alternative.

DNTA have been happy to support this and would also like to thank Councillor John Alexander. He has encouraged the process and intervened to arrange for the signs to be installed in good time.

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