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The Prickly Pears of Palestine

Book cover

Hilda Reilly & our AGM

Hilda Reilly spoke on her time in Nablus and Palestine which she covered in her book "The Prickly Pears of Palestine".

This was followed by our AGM including our Convener's Report 2015.


Olive Trees in Dundee
- Celebrating Palestinian Literature

Olive branch

Our celebration of Palestinian Literature drew interested audiences who heard illuminating and thought-provoking poems and ideas.
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DNTA Convener's Review 2014

Mike Whitehead, Convener of DNTA, presents his report for our AGM on our activities of the past year including a film, embroidery workshops and presentations to Dundee councillors about our work.

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DNTA Film Premiere Screening

We screened two of our new films at a packed event in the Hannah Maclure Centre, Dundee on 19th November 2013. This celebrated 33 years of twinning between Dundee and Nablus.

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DNTA Convener's Review 2013

Fraser Patrick, our Convener, presents his report for our AGM on our activities of the past year and thanks those who are retiring from the committee (himself included).

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Film: 5 Broken Cameras

5 broken video cameras

Many of our members and others saw the film "5 Broken Cameras" at the DCA on 19th June 2013. We had a discussion about this film before we started our AGM.

It raises some controversial issues and there was a strong hope that others in Dundee could see it and consider the ways in which occupation shapes the lives of those in Bil'in and in Nablus.


The Olive Harvest 2012

Picking olives

Wedad picking olives, 2012

Wedad sent us description of her recent experiences of picking olives with friends near to Nablus. Even this peaceful activity turns out to be fraught with danger from illegal Israeli settlers.

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The Art of Occupation - Exhibition 2012

Lord Provost and DNTA members

The Lord Provost, Bob Duncan, opened DNTA's exhibition in the Central Library, 27th Nov 2012. It features embroidery, drawings by school pupils, photographs and ceramics.

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DNTA Convener's Review 2012

Fraser Patrick, our Convenor, presents his report for our AGM on our activities of the past year and our plans for the future

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FBU Fire Equipment reaches Nablus

Palestinian flag flying being fire engine

Fire engine for Nablus in Dundee City Square

Update Dec 2011 The Nablus Fire Department have told us that all the equipment and the fire engine has been released by the Israelis and is now in Nablus. Hurrah!

The Fire Brigades Union, with support from Dundee-Nablus Twinning Association, set off from Dundee to take two fire appliances and lots of equipment to Nablus. All went well until one machine developed serious mechanical problems in Greece and had to be abandoned.

Fortunately all equipment (and drivers) could be accommodated on the remaining machine which completed its journey. At least it got to the Israeli port of Haifa where the appliance and equipment were impounded by the Israeli authorities. This is very disappointing and we hope that the delivery can soon be completed.

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Rafiq reports on the 2011 Olive Harvest

Rafiq in an olive tree

Rafiq at the olive harvest in his home village of Majdal Bani Fadil

Rafiq spent 4 months in Dundee recently. On return to Nablus he helped his family with their annual olive harvest and sent us this report.

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Universities sign Twinning Agreement

The University of Abertay Dundee has signed a co-operation agreement with An Najah National University in Nablus. Students in a wide range of disciplines will be able to do part of their studies in the other university

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What a year 2011!

Fraser Patrick, our Convenor, looks back at some of the challenges of the past year.

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Student excuses of a different kind

Julia Droeber writes from Nablus about the unusual excuses she hears from students there.

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Nablus Musicians 2011

Concert party on stage

Nablus musicians being thanked for their performance

DNTA were proud to host four musicians from Nablus who played traditional Palestinan and Arabic music.

They also visited Craigie High School and the University of Abertay.

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Dundee Youth Festival 2011

Palestinian flag flying being fire engine

Lord Provost John Letford exchanges
gifts with Councillor Rula Canaan from Nablus

The Lord Provost of Dundee invited delegates from all Dundee's twin cities of Nablus (Palestine), Orleans (France), Wurzburg (Germany) and Alexandria (USA). We were pleased to welcome six delegates from Nablus.

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AGM 2011 at DCA

Over 66 people came to the DCA to see the film "Budrus" which was screened at the request of DNTA. A discussion afterwards was very lively as the film provoked many thoughts and issues. This was followed by our AGM and election of committee members for the coming year.
Freddy the fireman - won!
At the AGM, Mary Henderson our Treasurer sold many raffle tickets for Freedy the firefighter" (knitted by Dorothy Smith). This was to raise money for the fire engine which has been bought to send to Nablus. The winner was Sue McAllion (ticket no. 50). Thanks to all subscribers.


Two volunteers from Nablus in Dundee

Rami and Rafiq standing with Tay behind them
Rami Issa and Rafiq Zein Eddin

Two volunteers from Nablus worked with us between October 2010 and January 2011. They hosted an exhition in the Wellgate Library and met people throughout Dundee. We are very grateful to them for their work and hope they have a fruitful life in Nablus.

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Artworks from children of Nablus 2006

Drawing of soldiers searching children
One of the artworks

Nablus was under siege so the only way we could see these artworks was for them to be sent via email.

Children witnessed many traumas and some of the artworks reflect this but some children drew portraits and football matches.

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We provide speakers for local community groups. Several topics and formats available.

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Friendship and Understanding

We promote friendship and understanding between the people of Nablus and the people of Dundee.

Young people from Dundee and Nablus
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Friends of Nablus and Surrounding Areas

A Scottish charity which supports Palestinians in and around Nablus.