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رابطة توأمة نابلس دندي

Making links with Nablus


If you want to get more involved with Nablus you need ways of making contact. Ideally this would include a visit. This page lists some ways to achieve this but there are many others.


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We encourage everyone who is interested in Nablus to join our Association.

Further details: Please see our Membership Leaflet and fill in our Membership Form

Project Hope

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Project Hope is a well-established volunteer-based organisation operating in Nablus. It hosts international volunteers who work with local volunteers to help children in Nablus - mainly the refugee camps.

Volunteers bring many skills starting with language. Many teach English classes. Others do art, music or whatever they can offer.

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Connecting Classrooms

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for schools through the British Council programme


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Friends of Nablus and Surrounding Areas (FONSA) is a registered Scottish charity (no SC038512). It was set up to complement the work of DNTA by providing material support for those in Nablus who are in need.

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HESPAL scholarships

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HESPAL scholarships for HE staff in Palestinian universities etc.

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Ecumenical Accompaniment (EAPPI)

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This program was initiated by the World Council of Churches but does not require you to be religious to participate.

The idea is to stay for 3 months in Palestine to witness what is happening. Ecumenical Accompaniers (EAs) do not take sides but they do stand for human rights.

Several DNTA members and friends have participated. They were impressed.

Further details: Application information from Quaker web site (The Quakers manage applications and training for the UK).